First, NC Regional…

Next, Worlds.

Cortechs Robotics participated in our first FIRST Robotics Competiton on March 20-21st. We were honored to play the first match of the competition, but even after a full day of practice, we did not score as high as we had hoped. However, that didn’t stop us. 10 matches later and we secured 3rd place for our individual team. For a rookie team, this is a great achievement, as this granted us our first award, the Highest Rookie Seed award. This means, out of all the rookie teams at the event, we had the highest average score.

Cortechs Robotics ended up being captain of the 3rd ranked alliance. Because of this, we got to choose which two teams we wanted to compete with for the elimination matches. We chose two teams, Team Spork (3196) and Triple Strange (1533). With these teams, we made it through quarterfinals, but were eliminated in semifinals and placed as the 3rd alliance overall. This was a great experience for our team, even if we didn’t win the event.

But Cortechs had more wins coming. The highest award given to rookies is the Rookie All Star award. This award is given to the rookie team that best exemplifies the values of FIRST. The team that wins this award is invited to the Championship event in St. Louis. Cortechs Robotics was fortunate enough to win this award, and we will be leaving for the competition on Wednesday, April 22nd. The competition begins on Friday, April 24th and continues through Saturday. We will be competing in the Newton division. 

To view pictures from our 2015 Regional, click here. Thank you to all of our sponsors who are making this possible! Go Cortechs!

Jon Kelley works to help make Cortechs able to move on the field and in the virtual world.

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