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FRC Steamworks


For the 2017 season, Cortechs Robotics competed with our robot Axon. The team was very successful this season, becoming a finalist in one district, winning another, and winning the quality award at the World Championships in Houston. Creating Axon was a great challenge. Hundreds of hours were spent prototyping, designing, fabricating, and assembling the robot. Click here to watch a few videos of Axon in action.


  • -4 CIM, Dual Speed Drivetrain, Defense-Capable
  • -Climber
  • -Active Gear Mechanism
  • -Floor Gear Mechanism
  • -60 Ball Holding Capacity
  • -High Speed Dual Shooter
  • -Gear and Shooting Autonomous
  • Side/Front Gear and Hopper Shooting Autonomous
  • -Vision-Enabled Gear Scoring
FRC Stronghold


FRC Recycle Rush

3 Chainz – Rookie All Star Award