Put the Environment FIRST

November 6, 2014

Put the Environment FIRST

Cortechs Robotics looks to embrace sustainability head-on. Our organization realizes the precarious state that our environment is in. As a team of 11 intelligent students, it is our societal responsibility to do something about it.

Our organization has partnered with an environmental science professor at North Carolina State University.  As a PhD in Cell and Molecular Biology and B.S. in Biological Sciences, the partnership will result in a great learning experience for all, and a productive activity for our community.

With the help of this scientist mentor, the team plans things such as:

  • Adopt a road in our community.
  • Invent, design, build, and donate food waste composters to local groups and schools.
  • Construct solar cell charging stations to give to other FIRST teams.
  • Build with sustainable materials.
  • Limit energy consumption when possible as well as finding alternate means of energy.
  • Spread information throughout the community in how to limit environmental impact.
  • Work with school cafeterias in order to reduce food waste and separate recycling from garbage.


Tree brain

Jon Kelley works to help make Cortechs able to move on the field and in the virtual world.

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